Last year, we animated and designed dozens of movies !!! Here are some examples:
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Animation video campaign for the Israeli Association of Periodontal Medicine. Designed for a variety of target audiences and in several languages.

Website Marketing Video, In stopwatch photography and animation.

TV commercial.
KESHT TV CH12/Football League.

A cartoon puzzle. A project in cooperation with Dan Hamitzer (writing puzzles) and the Ministry of Labor Safety. A video in which lies a puzzle that the viewer must solve.

Presentation for the EcoMotion conference. Car Sharing Company C2G.

A video and animation project for "Mifal Hapais" in the production of the "Keshet" TV channel.
A parody of addicted people.

SKIOROS - a series of "white board" cartoons designed for educational applications for children and youth.

A video and animation project for "ECHIPOWER" .A unique technique of white board animation photography.

A video ,animation & Sound  project for "S,A.N law"
Directed and Produced: Paula Studio

Pro Bono, animation and sound production for Elem Association

Pro Bono, animation and sound production for KROVIT project.

Instructional video for using the app.