1. You Need a Video!

You understand that you need a video that will best present your product or business to your target audience, a conference presentation, a recruitment video or a sales video or advertisement, for digital, television, cinema, conference or private event
You leave contact information in Animedia, we will get back to you at the most convenient time!

2. Understanding your product

Let’s meet! In our studio, We will offer you coffee, tea, chocolate, soda or water..
We will get to know each other. We will show you our works, explain the process, the Different styles, schedules and costs. But most of all – we will listen to you! We will understand together with you what exactly you need.
* It is also possible to meet at your place or at ZOOOM.

3. R&D and Market Research

We study your product.
Research the market to which you belong.
And understand who your target audience is.

Now we know how to differentiate you, and make your video stand out from the many existing videos.

4. Writing a Script

Copywriter, what a great profession !!! Their profession is – to think!
We work with the most original and creative copywriters.
The writing team accepts the findings, thinks and imagines
Connects all the information and then turns it into a story. Your story!

5. Creative Development

The designers choose a graphic visual “language” for your film.
After you confirm the chosen style, we will draw a ‘story board’ for you. Storyboard is a kind of ‘comic.
The Story Board is a collection of ,key frames in the video so you can get an idea of what your movie is going to look like.

6. Production


Are we drawing an animated video? Yeah !!!
Our animators start drawing, drawing after drawing move and animate. The team is managed by the creative director, and the animation director (yes … there is such a thing!)


Decided to make a video? Great !!!
The production team selects locations suitable for a day of photography outdoors, in the studio, or at your place.
The team is managed by the producer, and includes the Art director, professional photographer, sound equipment, lighting, actors / models / models (if required) and makeup artist.

7. Sound Design and Recording

The true character of the film is signed in the musical style that characterizes it.
A suitable professional musician / composer of music for your video. A professional voice actor and announcer comes to our studio to record narration / dubbing.
* We also work in collaboration with other studios around the world so that we can provide narration / dubbing in all languages.
A sound man puts it all together, arranges everything in the right levels and creates a final mix that is perfectly connected to your video

8. Your video is ready! Share it with the world

Your video is ready to share it with the world!
Only after we are sure you are 100% satisfied!
We will put it all together, add subtitles and issue you a quality final file and we will also encode it according to the various formats to suit the required platforms.

Show it to everyone!
* Distribution is also possible.

Lets start a project together!

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