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About the Project

One evening, the phone rang. On the show was shown a number with a prefix of a lot of zeros, this is usually the sign that you are going to get a call from abroad. On the line on the other side of Los Angeles is the director-Danny Mankin. 18 pounds of love, the dolphin, 77:78 and more …). Your talent within the film can further upgrade it! “. This is the stage I answer in embarrassment:” Thank you very much! I’m happy, show me the movie and I’ll see if I have anything to contribute. “” No darling “he replies to me …” The movie is not ready yet, to finish it, I need you, here, in the US “. I paused for a moment and looked at my two-month-old daughter (then) just a few minutes after I managed to put her to sleep, then my partner … “Mmmm … let me think about it” I answered politely. When I closed the conversation Efrat (my partner) was already answering Ready and clear: “You are traveling! I’ll be fine! It’s not for long! And even if nothing came of it – it’s an experience! “From that moment it was clear, and Danny, Danny probably knows what he’s doing, I did not fly for free to North Carolina, the connection between us was immediate! We spoke the same language, we thought the same things. I. I was exposed to the world of documentary film. I learned a lot of new things and mostly got to know and work with amazing people from all ages, cultures and countries in the world. I found myself an animator, a graphic designer, an editor and sometimes a photographer. In some countries, working together on Skype for non-hours, and especially overtime in the studio and not at home … it happened!
. I got to know Olsie Perry again! (Soon you too) and most of all I got to know and work with Danny and all his magical staff in L.A. The precision, the passion for creation and the joint work are probably all the reasons why the film won so many awards.


The Process

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