About the Studio

Animedia was opened after more than 15 years in the world of marketing, advertising and design out of a desire to tell stories visually and an understanding that the world of advertising and marketing is expanding and reflected in a wide variety of channels and media. The ability to reach such a wide audience requires us to be accurate and professional. Animedia is able to provide innovative marketing solutions for media, digital, television and social networks and modern media. In the last decade, we have been creating dozens of videos a year for companies, corporations, startups, film and television channels in Israel and around the world.

Our team includes veteran professionals in the industry: copywriters, concept artists, animators, photographers, screenwriters, musicians and a variety of other talented people so that we can provide you with all the service under one roof!
Every video that comes out of Animedia has its own uniqueness. Both in appearance and content! No two videos are alike! Since each of our clients is unique, we take care to tell his story in the most interesting and best way so that the video will serve its purpose. Your film is written based on in-depth research and market analysis and the target audience for which it is intended.
This can be a presentation, an exhibition presentation, a product video, an advertisement, an employer branding, a recruitment video and more.
You are the best at what you do! Let us show it in the best way !!!

About Assaf

Assaf Zellner, 40, is the founder and owner of Studio Animedia.
Assaf has always loved to draw and play. In his youth he studied music and played classical piano at the Israeli Conservatory. After military service he went on to study sound engineering and acoustics and opened a post studio that focused on writing and recording music for movies / theater / events as well as music and sound for commercials.

“When I worked on sound for productions, I was always jealous of the animators’ work!” He tells “and because I draw and do not believe in” dreams in a drawer “I enrolled in animation studies”. Assaf enrolled in animation studies at the Open University. There he studied and graduated with honors in classical animation, professional drawing, character design, story board, conceptart, directing and editing. Already in parallel with the last school year, Assaf started working with the leading studios in the country, advanced to the positions of chief animator and creative director. He worked with veteran and experienced professionals in the industry and managed projects with advertising companies, channels and television and corporations.
A decade ago, he founded Animedia, believing that every video must be unique and original, so that he can stand out from the thousands of videos distributed daily to the various channel networks.
In recent years, Assaf’s animations have also been integrated into many films, including Danny Mankin’s film ‘Aulcie.’, with which he won many competitions and won many awards.

About the Animation

In the world of animation, our world – everything is possible!
You can be who you really are and you can also be someone or something else. You can be real and can be imaginary.
You can sing, you can dance, you can be a different show and be anywhere! In animation there is no end to the possibilities!
With the help of different styles of animation, anyone can tell their story in the most original, wild, honest way.
Animation allows us to fulfill any dream for you! You just have to dare and dream it

About the Sound

For the most part the soundtrack does not get the attention it deserves but in fact it has a very great importance in the video. The soundtrack presents and clarifies content and meanings, highlights important details, helps the unity of the work and the realization of the emotional potential of the story materials.

A combination of music, narration and sound effect in the video gives it content and creates a connection of a story between them and what is happening on the screen. Sometimes the sound is a major factor in the film alongside the image and story, and sometimes it is even more important. The music and sound add a lot of atmosphere to the film, amplifying the dramatic effects of moments of tension, love, hope, comedy, etc. Music can also characterize characters in depth, mark important developments in the plot, and sometimes even be the plot itself.

Our Awards

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